A unique opportunity in a changing media market...

A unique opportunity

CCM specialise in targeting the UK's substantial & rapidly growing ethnic markets.

Over 3 million new immigrants have arrived in the UK since 1997

Since 2007, 40,000 Polish owned Business have been set up in the UK

1 in 6 of the UK population is now classed as an ethnic minority

28% of all finance graduates are of ethnic origin

Black and Asians account for 200 billion in consumer spending annually (Mintel)

Ethnic minority groups spend an average of 1.3 hours more online than average and have a far higher take up of mobile technology

The ethnic retail food market is growing by 11% a year

35% of all medical staff and 65% of all specialist doctors are of ethnic origin

Now is the time to target your audience

With nearly 10 million people of ethnic minority descent in the UK, an ethnic media plan should be an integral part of any marketing strategy.

The economic argument is a powerful one and the purchasing power of the ethnic consumer is impressive. Reaching these diverse communities can be a complex and challenging process. Our role is to ease that process and gain you access to this lucrative Marketplace.

Don't miss out on this growing market!

A simple approach

CCM pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service that is focused on growing your business.

Informed and impartial advice

Optimise your exposure

A tailor made service for your unique needs

Finding the right media for your message

Your interests are central to everything we do. So let us take the strain.

Our transparent and accountable media service is designed to produce incomparable value for your advertising spend and deliver tangible results for your organisation.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service that is focused on growing your business. The client’s interests are central to everything we do. So let us take the strain.

Whatever market you wish to reach across our diverse society, from South Asian to South American to East European we can access these communities and markets, both here in the UK and across Europe.

The right media for you

The multi-ethnic marketplace offers a bewildering range of marketing choices.









By utilising our detailed knowledge we can identify and assess the best media options to reach your target audiences with the appropriate message relevant for that community and attuned to your business.

Our uncomplicated and effective three pronged approach

  1. Firstly we develop a full and comprehensive understanding of your business and your marketing goals.
  2. Through our community and cultural insights we source the best media to reach your target audience, through precise detailed evaluation using the latest media tools.
  3. We then develop a media strategy that is tailored to those communities and designed to deliver the greatest impact.

A combined media strategy to suit your needs

The right media is central to developing a successful campaign. We deliver a Multi Channel planning approach across all mediums including Press, TV, Online, Radio, Outdoor, Cinema, Mobile, Events and Sponsorship.

Watch your profits grow

Our philosophy is simple - to give you the maximum return on your investment.

We do this by negotiating the best media prices, whilst optimising your coverage and exposure.

How do we do this?

We are experts in Media and the ethnic marketplace therefore have a full understanding of the options available.

We have established connections across the media industry.

Our team have experience in working for media owners as well as agencies. We know how to apply negotiation techniques to achieve the best prices for you.

Additional services

CCM is a one stop shop for all your marketing needs.


Events / Sponsorship

Social marketing


Overseas companies accessing UK markets

PR services

1. Production

Integral to any media campaign is the importance of creative. We can deliver creative for all formats. We work with the client to create fresh dynamic adverts with a message relevant to your audience, which captures the consumers’ attention and ultimately drives sales.

2. Events/sponsorship

With the emergence of a host of different events from Award ceremonies, Melas, Fiestas, Carnivals and Festivals, it is important to focus on those that are the most effective channels for your marketing message. We can source the relevant events for you to showcase your brand and gain the full benefit from your association.

3. Social marketing

This creates an opportunity for companies to connect directly with the audience on a personal level. We can bring your brand into the heart of the community, whether at street level, community centres or places of worship.

4. Research

We are able to offer a high quality research service that provides you with latest business insights on the constantly evolving UK markets.

5. Overseas companies accessing UK markets

With our international experience and links we also offer a bespoke service to companies wanting to understand and enter the UK marketplace.

6. PR services

In conjunction with your advertising campaign, we can deliver a PR strategy, including press release distribution and media monitoring to your key audiences.

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